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You expressly agree that Cha Temptations will not be held responsible for any hacking attempt or system failure that may lead to the data being compromised or lost.

We kindly ask you to please read the rules carefully before you enter in our chat.

This way we make sure that everyone acknowledges our policy, and all the people that visit our chat have been instructed in order for everybody to have a pleasant online experience.

Once you are registered, you will be able to enter the Member-Only rooms, your name will appear green in the members list and nobody else will be able to use your nickname as it will be recorded in our database and protected with a password of your choice. If you log out and log back in, no matter the time interval you have been offline for, your credits are saved and will continue to increase while you are online. As a new registered member, you will receive the option to pick an upgrade, for free, for 1 month.

You have 3 versions of upgrade (PLUS member, PREMIUM member and VIP member), or, as a female member, you have an extra option to pick, the SPEAKER.

Have a no-holds-barred chat with your friends and let the fun begin.

21Chats is a multipurpose website with free online chat rooms that are becoming more and more stable as time goes by.

Please take a look below and visit our friends anytime. Plese note we are not responsible for your use of the third party sites presented below.

If you would like your website link displayed, please contact us using our Contact Form or e-mail us directly at [email protected] you a teenager looking for a chat? No signup is required and you can meet hundreds of teens around the world.

The SPEAKER status doesn't require any monthly fees, is completely free and available for change at any point.

Also for the SPEAKER upgrade, you have to provide proof via webcam to a Staff Member or in Main Chat that you are a female.

Fill in the form below or contact us directly at [email protected] Temptations collects and stores certain personal information, such as chat names and e-mail addresses and agrees to not release them to any third party without written consent from the original suppliant of that personal information.

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