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One of his many creations was the armour of Achilles. The Roman version, however, Vulcan, was feared for his destructive power; he was associated with volcanoes., Hḗra) Queen of the heavens and goddess of marriage, women and birth.

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These were also often painted on pottery and minted on coins.

Roman mythology includes many of the same figures, but uses different names: calling Zeus by the name of Jupiter, and Aphrodite by the name of Venus, for example. It includes all those who are commonly named as one of the Twelve in art and poetry.

Apollo was associated with the Sun; while Artemis was the Moon. In the earliest myths, Apollo fights with his half-brother Hermes. Animals sacred to Apollo include roe deer, swans, cicadas, hawks, ravens, crows, foxes, mice and snakes. Ares generally represents the chaos of war in contrast to Athena, who represented strategy and skill.

In sculpture, Apollo was depicted as a handsome young man with long hair and a perfect physique. Ares' sacred animals are the vulture, venomous snakes, dogs and boars. , Ártemis) Goddess of hunting, wilderness, animals and childbirth.

In later times she became associated with the Moon.

She is the daughter of Zeus and Leto, and the twin sister of Apollo. In art she is often shown holding a hunting bow and arrows. , Athēnâ) Goddess of wisdom and skill, warfare and tactics.

He is the son of Zeus and Maia, Hermes is the messenger of the gods.

He also leads the souls of the dead into the afterlife.

A temple would house the statue of a god or goddess, or several deities.

The statue might be decorated with relief scenes depicting myths.

Her symbols are the cornucopia, wheat-ears, the winged snake, and the lotus staff. He was depicted in art as either an older man with a beard or a pretty young man with long hair.

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