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Another example is the ability to catch a ball: there are complex physics at play, and yet the human has evolutionarily honed and ad-hoc facilities to perform the same.Something like Gaussian blur, in other words, is hard-coded into our neurons; vision system, on the other hand, don't have the advantage of fuzzy connections between analog neurons and have to simulate these biological heuristics with algorithms.

Not sure what the relationship between operations/sec and memory updates/sec; the former is an upper bound, though.

Could it be that memory updates/sec is also bounded, somehow, by storage units?

A spontaneous faculty for associating impressions (more general than ideas); synthesizing abstractions from disparate stimuli; deducing conclusions from abstractions.

Intelligence is an emergent property of simples like e.g. The Mathematical Objection (3) still holds up: the halting problem; on the other hands, humans are also susceptible to the halting problem, aren't they?

California, Nevada, New Jersey), it is still cutting edge.

ICKEPS 2012, for instance, has a track for planning solar array operations on the ISS; seems relevant.

Aplysia, Eric Kandel 20,000 neurons; memory-updates/second: \(10^\); cycle time: \(10^15\), high end; Is memory-updates/second merely memory / cycle time?

In which case: \(20000 / 10^-9 = 10^5 (20000)\) neurons, cycle time: \(10^\); memory updates per second?

Pseudo-rational in the sense that it is not rational for rationality's sake; but accidentally rational as it strives to maximize utility.

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