Who is julie andrews dating

A., another here and grandchildren galore"); and insisting, as any good grandmother must, that I order more food.

Read more ' Sound of Music' Stars Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer to Reunite at TCM Classic Film Festival While it might be tempting to assume, after all these years, that Andrews was born to play this real-life role, nothing could be further from the truth.

John's Health Center in Santa Monica, California. How Julie and Blake Met: Blake and Julie met in 1967 while passing one another to and from on the way to see their analysts.

When they became engaged, Blake gave Julie a nine-carat diamond ring.

Together for 41 years, the marriage of Julie Andrews and Blake Edwards ended with the death of Blake in December 2010. Born: Blake Edwards aka william Blake Crump: July 26, 1922 in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Here's information on how they met, their children, and more. Julie Andrews aka Julia Elizabeth Wells: October 1, 1935 in Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, England.

Disney, because I'm afraid I'm three months' pregnant.' At which point he said, ' That's OK, we'll wait!

'" (Disney also asked Tony Walton, the set and costume designer Andrews had recently married, what he did, and upon seeing his portfolio "hired him on the spot" to work on the film.) Read more Julie Andrews, Russell Crowe Among Stars Heading to Dublin Film Festival Six months later, Andrews gave birth to her first child — and received a call in the hospital from the acerbic Travers. ") "She said, ' You're much too pretty [for the part], of course, but you've got the nose for it!

During a recent lunch at a restaurant near her home in the Hamptons, Andrews, 79, was as lovely as advertised, and also incredibly down to earth, driving herself and her manager to our meeting in her SUV (can you imagine pulling up to a stoplight and seeing Mary Poppins in the car beside you?

), chatting amiably with the staff (she gave the hostess a ride home afterward); gushing about her family ("I've got four children in L.

("He never showed his films to anybody when they were still in the cutting process," Andrews says of Disney, marveling at his graciousness, which may have made the difference between her being a legend rather than a one-hit wonder.) The first of Andrews' films to be released in theaters was , which became the biggest hit of 1964.

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